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Cover Blown! – A Social Murder Thriller

This is an old post representing the early prototypes of the game – Cover Blown now has an official website:

“CoverBlown is both fun and strange. I think one of the things that is salient about CoverBlown, is how it is a board game in which the digital element actually made a lot of sense. So somehow, it has all the good things of board games (social play, co-presence), together with the right technological affordance. I think this is the main innovative thing of CoverBlown, and what should make the most sense to try to sell. It is also cool that you don’t need that many things to play it: no boxes, very low expenses in terms of printing/production, and yet you get the full-blown experience. And it is a game that scales well to playing both in long and shorter sessions, and in different contexts.”

-Miguel Sicart on the prototype of CoverBlown from December 2016.

Rule Pages:

Beta Interface:


Early Concept and Core Loops:

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Essay on early concept development

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