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Project Dyson – Mobile VR Puzzle Game

“Project Dyson combines a simple innovative puzzle mechanic with grandiose environmental storytelling, to create a new and novel VR experience. The game is a good example of how to play on the strengths of the VR platform, while avoiding the pitfalls of wanting to do too much with the technology.”

-Laurids Binderup, Game Design Lead at SYBO Games

The above critique was written after Laurids had completed the game in 4 hours without taking a break – I’m very proud of the retention we achieved with the game design, which was supported by the overall performance stability and low motion sickness.


Being enrolled at DADIU as a Game Designer during my fall semester in 2017, I was part of a team of 15 students whom developed Project Dyson over a course of 6 weeks. The game is developed for Samsung Gear VR, but was also ported to google cardboard.



The Game

In Project Dyson the human race has expanded over the multiple solar systems. A single technician is sent to fulfill their duty. Surveying and completing the final stage of conversion, using their advanced holographic eyes to interface with the world around them.

My Role

My role as the game designer in this 15 people production was filled with challenges and exciting moments. I was responsible for the overall game design and concept, delegating and coordinating work with the level designer, while coordinating and developing pipeline workflows with the rest of the lead team (Game Designer, Lead Artist, Lead Programmer, Project Manager, and Game Director).

For anyone interested, here is my short reflection essay which was a part of my examination, and gives a good insight into the whole DADIU project and processes:

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Where to get it

Project Dyson is made for Gear VR and will be available in the Oculus Store soon.

Can be downloaded here temporarily