Jordhugg – An Arising World

Jordhugg – An Arising World, is a 2.5D narrative and aesthetic exploration game set in post-Ragnarok nordic mythology. The player experiences the time and space between the destructions of the old world and the creation of the new through the eyes of Yordhugg, a hybrid serpent-dragon youngling who were born into Ragnarok without knowledge of its parents and its own existence in the world.

This project is a part of the Game World Design course I have taken at the IT University of Copenhagen, in which we focus more on the representation of a game world, its conceptual culture, ecosystems, narrative, and aesthetics etc., and very little on mechanics, gameplay and interaction design.

My responsibilities besides the overall concept development were; 3D modelling, level design, fx-design, Music & Sound Design, and scripting.






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The Reflective Report:

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