HeadStrong – 2 Player Physics Brawl

A 2D ragdoll physics based fight-until-a-player-surrender game for two players. The game was developed over 48 hours for the PlayOFF 2018 game jam at Odense Film Festival.

Play directly in browser HERE (tested with chrome)

Eternity does get repetitive.
Often your brother challenges you to a duel for your birthright. That stubborn oaf!
Immortal as you, there is only one way to make him stop – fight him till he yields.
No matter the injuries or insults you must never surrender, but remain …

The theme of the game jam was “standhaftig”, Danish for steadfast. Inspired by the resilience of The Black Knight in Monty Python’s The Holy Grail, we decided to make a fighting game that can only be lost if one chooses to surrender. Throughout the fight the steadfast knights will keep insulting each other with taunts appropriate to the state of the game.

Responsibilities: Game design, music/sound, programming.


Play directly in (chrome) browser here or download on gamejolt.