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Broken Lines – Turn based RTS

The Game: Broken Lines is a simultaneous turn-based with real-time execution tactical game. The core-gameplay consists of multiple choice story-events, resource management and missions with pause based planning and real-time execution. A squad of soldiers crash land in the middle of enemy territory. With no leaders alive and no available orders, the group must find…

Jordhugg – An Arising World

Jordhugg – An Arising World, is a 2.5D narrative and aesthetic exploration game set in post-Ragnarok nordic mythology. The player experiences the time and space between the destructions of the old world and the creation of the new through the eyes of Yordhugg, a hybrid serpent-dragon youngling who were born into Ragnarok without knowledge of its…

Prototype 4 – Snitch

Snitch affords bluffing, cooperation, and backstabbing, with a dash of luck. Players have to focus on one player, but will end up buffing that player, if they single out one player too much. Hence players are forced to make new alliances and strategies throughout the game. Pitch Game Manual Essay